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Mel-8704R EMF, Temperature, & Flashlight in One Handheld instrument

Mel-8704R EMF, Temperature, & Flashlight in One Handheld instrument

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Model: Mel-8704-R 

3 in 1 Instrument (EMF - Temperature - Light)

The Mel Meter Model 8704R is an Intelligent microprocessor based instrument specifically designed for Paranormal Investigators & Enthusiasts. Several Important features have been incorporated into this durable, precision hand held instrument. All of them accessible with the meter being held in on hand.

Measures EMF & Temperature "Cold Spots" Simultaneously
That's right...the Mel Meter is the only Instrument that can do this. During their Investigations, an Investigator will often encounter an EMF change which is usually followed by a significant Temperature drop. Now, imagine being able to validate both changes simultaneously, and be able to track the source in real time with one hand in total darkness! No more fumbling for a flashlight to see the display in the dark.
Measures ELF Down to 30Hz!
It has been  the generally accepted theory that spirits do emit an extremely low frequency (ELF) EM field, which commonly registers between 2.0 and 7.0 mG in strength. Typically, anything below 40Hz would be considered part of the ELF range. The Mel-8704 was designed to address this ELF range, and is actually 20Hz lower than a KII's 50Hz bandwidth.
Custom Red "Night View" Display
The Red Backlight display is ir compatible for night vision and measures a full 2" x 1", measurements can be read from several feet away.
The display can be turned On or OFF manually for display viewing in dark areas.
EMF "Burst Mode"
This feature allocates 100% of the micro-processors scan speed to monitor dynamic EMF changes. The display can update so quickly that your eyes will barley be able to keep up with it. If something is on the move, this feature can be activated with the push of a button.

  • Measures EMF, & ambient Temperature
  • EMF "Burst" (100msec) mode feature for rapid EMF fluctuation
  • EMF Min/Max capture
  • Rapid response ambient temperature measurement
  • Temperature min/max capture
  • Red night view Backlight Display with On/Off Button 
  • High intensity Red Flashlight 
  • Includes: (1) Deluxe carrying case