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Ghost Hunter Starter Kit #7

Ghost Hunter Starter Kit #7

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With locking hard carry case !

The Gauss Master gaussmeter;

can measure the strength of magnetic field radiation and is a great way to find hidden sources of ELF frequency magnetic fields at a very low cost.

Easy to read needle gauge scale
Unique built-in audio signal... intensity of sound corresponds to field strength
Auto shut-off saves battery life

Hand-held, lightweight & durable, with a dramatic audio signal. A favorite meter for demonstrating EMFs to others.

So easy to use:

Insert a standard 9V battery.
Press the button once and the meter is operating on the 0-10 milliGauss scale. Watch the needle move and listen for the sound.
Press and hold the button, and the meter operates on the much more sensitive 0-1 milliGauss scale for detection of even the weakest magnetic fields.

Single axis sensor.

Shows which areas are above or below 2.5 milliGauss and helps you determine appropriate distances from appliances, such as computer monitors, alarm clocks, air conditioners, heaters and kitchen appliances.

Helps you make informed purchasing decisions, so that the next time you buy a TV, a computer monitor, a cellular phone, or a home, you choose one with low EMF fields.
Complete question and answer consumer guide that answers most frequently asked questions and describes in detail how to make a proper EMF survey of your home or office.
Allows user to compare effectiveness of magnetic shielding attempts

• Electromagnetic Field Radiation Level Meter
• Measurement Range: 0 to 1, & 0 to 10 mGauss
• Single Axis Measurement
• Frequency Bandwidth: 30 to 300 Hz
   (ELF frequency range)
• Accuracy: ±8% at 50-60 Hz  
• Display: Easy to Read Color Analog Scale
• Unique Audible Tone Varies with EMF
   Signal Strength
• Power Supply: Single 9V alkaline battery

P-SB7 Ghost Box;

Since introducing the P-SB7 the FM frequency sweep method has clearly become the preferred technique used by Zak on Ghost Adventures and is used by paranormal enthusiasts world wide.
We are using a new noise cancellation circuit that we believe is a great improvement. We added noise reduction on the FM channel and we brought back the AM. The FM and AM are balanced equally so both can be heard. The refinements of the new version are made specifically into the AM bandwidth. You will hear more radio detail in the AM bandwidth, it will be clearer during the sweep session..

Sweep Forward / Reverse Selectable
Seven User Adjustable Sweep Rates
New Enhanced FM frequencies now include 76MHz to 87.9MHz white noise (76MHz-108MHz Total)
15mW Earphone Output (Earphone Included)
250mW Speaker Output
Internal 1" Speaker
Blue EL Backlight LCD with Manual ON/OFF Control

 MP3 Power Stereo Speaker for Your EVP & P-SB7 Ghost Box;

This compact portable speaker gives you the freedom to listen to your  sessions without having to carry around a cumbersome docking station or large speaker system. . This speaker has a built-in amplifier with fixed audio level.  A standard 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone jack can attach to your Ghost Box or EVP directly. The speaker is powered by an internal lithium battery that can be charged from any USB port.

EVP Digital Recorder;

Built-in Lithium battery, rechargeable, saving your money and worry and protect the environment

Plug into any USB port and charge the batteries


Separated recording & playing keys: one key for recording, one for playing

Sleek appearance design and comfortable touch, very portable

Plug right into your computer to save voice files


Memory: 4GB

With LCD display

Built-in speaker

Recording indication

Battery low power indication

Built-in Lithium battery, rechargeable, saving your money and worry and protect the environment

Working temperature: 0~40ºC

Color: Black

Package Included:

1 x 8GB USB Voice Recorder

1 x USB cable

1 x Earphone

1 x Microphone

1 x Audio cable

1 x User Manual

Ghost Detector Array(set of six);

Set of 6 Will Monitor Changes Over a Wide Area

Think of the paranormal possibilities! With this many individual sensors, you can set them set out in an array that covers a large area. Watch for small changes which might affect only one sensor, large changes which might affect all the sensors, or a hovering change that sweeps across the room from one sensor to the next.

    You get 6 ultra-sensitive electrostatic detectors which are small enough to be placed almost anywhere. The LED will come on as long as it detects a presence. It can come on briefly or stay lit longer, depending on the electric fields in the area. Great for low light or dark areas. Shows up well on camera too. With some experimenting, you can discover when and where to place these Ghost Detectors for the best results.
Of course, these detectors react to electrostatic changes. It’s up to you to determine if those changes are due to paranormal activity. Each detector requires one 9v Battery (not included).