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Ghost Hunter Master Kit

Ghost Hunter Master Kit

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You want it all, then this is your kit

-Hard sided locking carry case protect your gear easy to store and transport

-KII meter needs no introduction, the workhorse of investigations. As seen on TV, always reliable  must have
-Mel 8704-R Digital EMF/Temp meter designed specifically for paranormal investigations. One device that does it all !
-EVP Digital Recorder for Voice Phenomena recording, footsteps, knocking (real hard evidence)
-Ghost Box PSB7 communication device 
+ amplified speaker. Make contact, ask questions, this communicator is amazing and is used all over the world !
-IR Digital Gun Style temperature to measure cold spots & room temperature changes
-Laser Grid with Clamp and Tripod Base. The only way to tell if there is movement in the room that cannot be easily seen with the naked eye is with the laser grid. Clamp keeps laser on and level easily adjust to mount and point anywhere. Also includes mount for your cell phone to record pictures and videos

- Field Guide to Ghost Hunting book

Learn Proper Ghost Hunting Techniques Long-time researcher Dale Kaczmarek teaches reliable methods for paranormal research, investigations, and analysis of data. Step-by-step instructions to standardize your investigations including: - Interviewing clients - Using meters and equipment - EVP experiments - Photography and analysis Will help both the novice and seasoned investigator to fine tune their methods and get better data. This is not a theoretical or fictional book. This information has been field tested and can easily be adapted in any type of investigation.

- Ultimate Ghost Tech book 

 The Essential Guide to Paranormal Investigation Equipment 

by Vince Wilson

In this book, scientific equipment and methods that are used to search for ghosts and hauntings are outlined in detail in a single volume, providing ghost researchers with all of the information they need to legitimately search for evidence of the paranormal.

This entertaining and informative book offers a wealth of practical information on basic equipment operations, the ins and outs of using the equipment during investigations and much more. The book explores the nature of ghosts, temperature detection devices and how to use them, the uses and misuses of EMF meters, recording the voices of the dead, using cameras for investigations, recording the paranormal on video, various types of equipment and how to use it and much more! This is a must-have book for anyone with an interest in ghost research and the proper use of the scientific equipment that has become so prevalent in the supernatural field. It is an essential guide to paranormal research and the perfect addition to any ghost hunter's tool kit!

    Find out:
  • Who were the 1st paranormal researchers?
  • Why proper training is so important!
  • How and why gadgets are supposed to be used!
  • What gadgets and procedures not to use!