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Ghost Hunter Starter Kit #6

Ghost Hunter Starter Kit #6

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P-SB7 Ghost Box
Since introducing the P-SB7  three years ago, the FM frequency sweep method has clearly become the preferred technique used by Zak on Ghost Adventures and is used by paranormal enthusiasts world wide.
We are using a new noise cancellation circuit that we believe is a great improvement. We added noise reduction on the FM channel and we brought back the AM. The FM and AM are balanced equally so both can be heard. The refinements of the new version are made specifically into the AM bandwidth. You will hear more radio detail in the AM bandwidth, it will be clearer during the sweep session.
Ghost Box comes with a plug in amplified speaker for easy listening or group sessions

Also included:
KII meter for measuring electromagnetic fluctuations in the room
ELF EMF meter for making a quick sweep around for any electromagnetic activity
EVP Recorder  for voice phenomena recordings
And a locking hard sided case to store and transport your gear

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